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Insurance Claim Assistance

Houston Insurance Claim Assistance

The insurance claim process can be lengthy and stressful. If your roof has been damaged and you need to submit a claim to your insurance company, let Home Restorer P&G, LLC. help.

How Can We help You?

  • We provide insurance claim assistance.
  • We work with many insurance companies.
  • We handle all the paperwork that you need to submit.
  • We help you get the right pictures of the roof damage.
  • We stay in constant communication with your insurance company making the process quick and smooth.


Most adjusters do a good job identifying the damage and pricing the repairs, but some don’t. We use the Haag Engineering standards on hail and wind damage, the same standards insurance companies are supposed to use.

We have the best strategies, experience, & tools to work with any insurance adjusters and ultimately achieve the full replacement of your home roof.


With years of experience and working relationships with many insurance carriers, Home Restorer P&G, LLC., is qualified to assist any home or building owner with insurance claims.

Our goal is to offer our opinion and expert recommendations to obtain the best results for homeowners or business owners. Through these efforts, we also stay current and expose the insurance industry to the ever-changing complexion of the fields of both residential and commercial roofing.

When you choose Home Restorer P&G, LLC., you are choosing a reliable roofing contractor that offers stability and quality materials, as we have been in business many years. We are no stranger to the storms that plague the area. We are proud to be able to serve the Houston Metropolitan area. When you need help, we are there for you.




    Our highly skilled workers will perform an on-site inspection of your roof to verify to roof damages caused by severe weather.


    File your insurance claim. After that, a claim adjuster from your insurance company will follow up with you to set up an appointment and go over the roof damages. We also be sending one of our roof inspectors to assist.


    Our team of licensed roofing contractors will arrive at your property to replace your roof and repair damages that resulted from severe weather. Finally, your roof is beautifully restored to the way it was before the damage occurred and you can resume your life – with a brand-new roof and free of stress!


    What to do after a storm?

    Since the damage caused by hail and wind is very difficult to measure from the ground, we recommend to set-up a FREE Inspection appointment with us to inspect your roof damage.

    Hail damage usually causes the following damage to your home’s roof: Missing Shingles: Look for gaps in the pattern or pieces of exposed roof. You may also see shingles on the ground near your home. Damaged Shingles: Check for shingles on your roof that are curled, buckling, dented, or cracked. Build-up in gutters and downspouts that have collected loose asphalt granules. Flashing and downspouts that are dented, hanging, or missing.

    High wind speeds have the potential to knock over trees, shatter windows, and damage roofs. If shingles are blown away, the roof deck or underlayment is left exposed to the elements. This leaves your home even more vulnerable to water damage.

    After a heavy windstorm, check on the exterior of your home for the following:

    Damage depending on your roof type:

    All Shingle Roofs: Missing, cracked, or curling shingles.

    Composition Shingles: Granule buildup in gutters.

    Wood Shingles or Shakes: Rotting and mold.

    Flat Roofs: Cracks, tears, or surface bubbles/wrinkles.

    What happened in our area that would cause damage to my home?

    The recent storm that hit our area caused significant damage to many homes. Golf ball to softball-size hail (from 1 inch to 4 inch in diameter) along with strong winds means your home and property may have sustained damages.

    Why would my insurance compay replace or repair my damage?

    The purpose of homeowner’s insurance is to protect homeowners against losses in their property’s value due to damage that is beyond their control. If you have hail damage, you have experienced a financial loss in your original investment (home). Your insurance policy covers you to bring the property back to “whole”. Your insurance company will compensate for the total cost for your loss and replace or repair your home roof.

    I don't understtand my insurance paparwork i received. Can you help?

    Home Restorer P&G, LLC., provides free insurance assistance to all clients. We can fully explain your paperwork to you in terms that are easy to understand. We want you to fully understand your claim and project funds prior to making your decisions on your project. Explaining claim documents is something we do all the time. Many times, clients do not understand that with replacement cost policies that you will be receiving a second check after completion to recover the depreciation which has been deducted.

    Insurance Claim Assistance?

    We Follow These Steps for your Insurance Claim:

    1 – We identify the deductible.

    2 – We identify type of policy insurance.

    3 – We recognize the weather event that caused the damage.

    4 – We advice you on how you can submit your claim.

    Our claim specialists will work with you and your insurance company considering the best strategies that allow us to replace or install your roof with the highest quality.

    Home Restorer P&G, LLC. is among the best roofing companies in the Houston Metropolitan area. As a residential roofing contractor, we provide roof replacement and roof repair. If your roof was damaged by hail, high winds, or it’s just time to install a new roof we would love to provide a free roofing inspection.