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Take payment plans

We’ve partnered with a couple financing company to offer financial terms to you, and reach the goal for the improvement that you may need. We have amazing loan terms to help you to make your roofing project, with no down payment for replacements, repairs & other services with low monthly payments that you can afford.

  • Loans up to $100k
  • No home equity required
  • No prepayment penalties
  • No interest
We’ll help you to get your loan options in 1 minute.
  • No Home Equity Required
  • No Prepayment Penalties
  • Loans Up to $100K
  • No Down Payments
  • Flexible Payment Plans
  • Fast, Secure, & Paperless
  • No Interest Loans
  • Options for all type of credits

Steps to get started

  1. Set a free inspection
  2. Get your estimate
  3. Start the application process
  4. Sign Online Documents via Docusign
  5. You are ready to have a new roof.

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    Do I have to pay interest?

    No necessarily, we have rates between 0% and 9.99% ANNUAL.

    For how long is the loan?

    Our plans start from 6 months loan term, as well as having open plans offerings, so in this cases you are the one that select the length of your loan.

    Do I have to pay extra if I choose financing?

    Depending on the plan that you choose It may or may not include fees.

    What I need to know if I qualify for a financing?

    Simple, we just need some basic information such as your name, income, address and so other personal information.

    What happen if I fail to make a payment?

    You will have to address this issue with the financing company, remember, once your loan start , you start a relationship just between that company and you.

    Which is the longest plan that you can offer me?

    -10 years loan term is the longest plan that we have.

    Do I have to pay penalty if I pay early?

    NO, we don’t charge for early payments.

    Home Restorer P&G, LLC. is among the best roofing companies in the Houston Metropolitan area. As a residential roofing contractor, we provide roof replacement and roof repair. If your roof was damaged by hail, high winds, or it’s just time to install a new roof we would love to provide a free roofing inspection.